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Riccardo Monte is an architect and maker, working across product, furniture and architectural design. His practice is defined by slow craftsmanship and a dedication to material authenticity. He worked as an architect with award-winning architecture practices whilst living in London for eight years, eventually moving to back to his home in Ornavasso, Italy to set up his own design studio. Riccardo works from his studio-home in the Alps, his practice being strongly influenced by genus loci.

Katie May is a photographer and creative mediator. Having spent over ten years crafting an established career in advertising, she is a natural communicator, able to distil the message of creative journeys with warmth and finesse. She grew up in Somerset and later moved to London to study art. Her career moved from photography to advertising, implementing award-winning campaigns and working with high-profile lifestyle, health and fashion clients. She eventually left London for Ornavasso, where in 2016 she built a small design and furniture business with Riccardo Monte. In Ornavasso, Katie found the silence and space to pick up her camera again. Her work now centres on capturing craftsmanship – photographing the ‘making’ behind craft, immortalising the skill and mechanics of the art process. She has documented Riccardo’s work over three years, capturing his transformative process of sculpting and charring natural timber. 

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